Tina contacted us earlier this year to film her wedding, we promptly said yes, as we fell in love with Tina and the wedding venue, The London Royal Exchange. This building is a grade I-listed building in the city of London, founded in 1565 it has served many purposes, today, a shopping mall with a handful of high-end designer shops and boutiques.

Although the venue is fantastic it goes without saying that a lot of work was put into making it look the way it looked for the day. The team of Beyond Certainty decorated and lit the whole building wonderfully, their attention to detail was impressive and we thoroughly recommend their services. Our favourite feature of the evening was the bar in the centre, which was decorated with hundreds of lemons, truly magnificent.

Tina and Malli put a lot of effort in this wedding, from the venue choice to the amazing cake, everything was planned minutely. Tina’s dress stood out during the day and she is worthy of a medal for wearing an 11kg evening dress in which she performed her 1st dance

I need to mention the work put by Jeannine de Sousa, who contributed greatly in making this happen. It takes a very efficient person to organize an event of this calibre and Jeannine is definitely one of them.

For the evening and ceremony we had 4 cameras. During the time at The London Royal Exchange we used a 14ft crane from the balcony, which got us some fantastic shots of the audience and we feel it helped raise the production value of the film.

We went for a more cinematic approach for this highlights clip and we sincerely hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.