In February we had the privilege to spend a weekend in Calcutta filming the Hindu wedding of Tina and Malli. You might have seen the highlights of their grand civil ceremony which took place at the end of last year in London, if you haven’t seen them click here.

Not only was the wedding a great one, full of colour and emotion, but the whole weekend was an adventure. India is day and night compared to Europe and for those who visit it for the first time the contrast in culture can be a little intimidating. We were lucky enough to be surrounded by Tina and Malli’s friends and family, who were wonderful to us and made us feel very welcome.

We tried to include a few shots of our tour of Calcutta, the dancing, the food and of course the ceremonies, which took place whilst we were there. As part of the Hindu ceremony the bride and groom have a Turmeric celebration in the morning and you can see this on the highlights.

The ceremony was fun, loud and dynamic. The sound of the drums and dancing at the beginning sets the mood and intensity for the celebration which had some amazing parts including three different stages, fire and music.