Here is a wedding that was shot over three days, with traditional Indian celebrations during the week, finishing with a grand civil ceremony at Addington Palace in Surrey. Each event was full of joy, colour and dancing.

Obviously weddings are always a very happy occasion and capturing these moments is a very satisfying part of our job. Editing this piece was so inspiring because throughout the footage the happiness and love the couple share really shows – you know you’re editing something special when you yourself become a little emotional while working on it!

The Mehndi at Walthamstow Assembly Hall was attended by family and friends from both sides. An Indian band entertained the guests who all got up and danced to popular Bollywood songs.

We’ve mentioned before how important colour is when telling a story and this is no exception. I was conscious of this while selecting shots for the highlights and instantly noticed the luscious greens of the grass, the red walls in the interior of the palace and of course the multitude of colours from the traditional Indian dresses. They all help to accentuate the happiness of the occasion. Sona looked stunning in each of her outfits and there is a traditional Indian feel to the main day. The dresses all brought a bright and happy presence to the celebrations, which was a great visual representation of the couples personalities.

The wedding was a great mix of cultures – starting with the traditional ceremonies before the main day, the French food, Dhol drumming and a good old evening party to finish things off!

We had a lot of great opportunities for creative shots due to the beauty of the venues and the use of the sun as a light source. We captured dramatic shots to emphasise and draw attention to detail of the whole event. We like to interact with the couple throughout the day and compose shots that are aesthetically pleasing but don’t feel too posed. We make the time we spend with the couple fun and enjoyable and only take shots that will be meaningful to them, for example the opening shot of the film – the couple coming together with a gorgeous sunset backdrop. Some companies can overuse posed shots, which we feel takes away from what the day really is all about. There are plenty of moments that happen throughout the day that aren’t planned or setup that say much more than several posed shots – these are the moments we look for and love to capture.