Amina and Ali had their Muslim wedding over two days in two beautiful venues. The Mehndhi was held at Mughal e Azam, an old church converted into a modern-looking restaurant serving fine Indian cuisine. The outside of the building was stunning and we took the opportunity to get some nice cinematic shots of the venue and of the bride.

The couple wanted a very cinematic experience with their film and trailer so we had this in our mind whilst shooting the wedding – taking shots that both tell the story and show the day in a cinematic way.
The day started at around 11am and whilst one of our shooters was with the groom covering the morning celebrations, the other was able to capture the transformation from a plain marquee to the couple’s dream wedding venue. These preparations will be key to telling the full story of their day in their final film – it’s great to capture elements of the couples day that they were not present at, especially the preparations, as it gives an idea of how much goes into making their day perfect for them.

This piece is also coloured in a cinematic way, giving the entire trailer a uniform look to further push the cinematic nature of the footage. Added together with some epic music and driven drum percussion, the piece tells a story with minimal dialogue, allowing the viewer to enjoy the shots without distraction.

We look forward to editing the feature and taking this cinematic theme even further!