Here we have a full-on, all-out Greek wedding. With both the Bride and Groom being of Greek origin, we had the pleasure of filming not only the main ceremony but also both pre-ceremonies too where the Groom entrusted his best man to shave him with a cut-throat razor. Thank goodness there were no accidents!
With 13 hours coverage we ended up with a large amount of footage of their day, especially of the evening party where Melanie and Andrew’s friends and family danced for hours to the sound of contemporary and traditional Greek music.
Our highlights clips are always tailored towards the couple and their day – sometimes it’s appropriate to show the day’s events in non-chronological order. However, at other times, as in this case, the story is told better if things stay more or less in order. This is usually something we decide after the wedding when looking at the footage of the day. For instance, the groom’s speech and the beautiful story of how the couple met work as a great voice over and as the underlying story that ties these highlights together.
We were happy to share this day with Perry’s the Wedding Company who did a great job at preparing the day and always take very good care of us.