Kiranjit and Suroop’s wedding is one of the top three biggest weddings we have done in 2012. It was not only the number of guests that made this wedding huge, 550 of them, but it involved three of us filming for over 15 hours. On the day we travelled from Sussex to London and finished the day in Nottingham where Suroop’s family welcomed his new bride. This was a great challenge but we think it paid off. The shots look great and we managed to really capture the emotion of the day.

Usually we would include audio from the ceremony and speeches in our films to make watching it more dimensional and help tell the couple’s story but we felt that it was not required for this piece. Instead we chose a soundtrack that we felt conveyed the Epicness of the day whilst still having emotional tones to it. This works especially well on parts of the day such as the bride leaving her house as a married woman for the first time; this tends to be a very touching moment for the bride’s close family and everyone ends up in tears.

The reception took place at Twickenham Rugby stadium which has capacity for 82.000 fans making it the biggest rugby stadium in the world. We were given access to the grounds which is a privilege usually not given to people that don’t work there and we were really happy that we even had a chance to play with the lights and got the whole stadium lit up to our liking.

We think having our 14ft  crane there on the day was a must to achieve the production value desired in the film . There is something very special and Hollywood like about rising above everyone’s head and getting a bird eye view of the action. We used the crane during the ceremony and the reception to get a different angle of the ceremony, bridal entrance and in the evening of everyone partying and having a great time.

We are really happy with the results and we hope you enjoy watching it.