Great weather. Three Shooters. The Savoy Hotel – We couldn’t have been more excited to share our biggest wedding of the year so far.

We met Lucy and David back at Jennifer and Adam’s wedding, another great event which you might remember from last year. We met a few times before the wedding to ensure we knew the things that were important to them, so we could put emphasis on those aspects and help us in editing our film. We knew how important the video was to the couple so we even visited the synagogue in advance, which is something we rarely do. The stunning New West End Synagogue is a Grade 1 listed building and is indeed a beautiful venue for the ceremony. It is, however, tricky to shoot there unless you have done your homework. For instance, as there are a lot of people standing around the Chuppah it was paramount that we selected the angles wisely or we would have an obstructed view during the ceremony.

Lighting and sound was also something that we thought of in advance as under the Chuppah it can get dark and we wanted the best possible lighting on Lucy and David so we installed some small unobtrusive lights which made a huge difference.

This wedding is a prime example of why we use three shooters on any large wedding. Not only does it help to have more angles but it allows us to use larger equipment such as our crane, which provided the bird’s-eye view during the evening reception at the classy Savoy Hotel.

We were fortunate enough to work with our new friend Paul Toeman and his team, who were equally eager on the day and always willing to help. This type of relation between videographers and photographers leads to better work, especially during times where we are working with the couple alone and we both want to create a special moment to capture. Also a big thank you to Daniel Stollar, the toastmaster who was really helpful with organizing the speeches and always giving us a heads up to what was happening next.

Jewish weddings are our favourite weddings to film, the day is full of traditions and there is always something happening throughout the day. It is also one of the only types of wedding where everyone is required to dance repeatedly during the reception. It helps to have a great band that can interact with the crowd and ensure everyone has a night they will remember forever. The band the couple chose, Creation, had 12 members or 14 if you count Lucy and David as they joined them on stage!