We got to know Kiran an Amrit well through numerous meetings before the wedding and shooting four different events for them including their civil ceremony and Sikh wedding and reception. They really wanted to make sure they had a video company who would capture their story as well as all the events and be able to put it together in a  compelling film, so they came to us!

For the entrance at the reception Kiran and Amrit arrived in style by helicopter. We had a camera on the ground with about 80m of cable giving a feed to the plasma screens in the marquee so the guests could see them arrive and come out and greet them. After that there was a great party with Dhol players and Bhangra dancers from VP Events getting everyone started.

With this film we have tried to show the main two days and how different they were; the more intimate civil ceremony to the very emotional traditional wedding which culminated at Kiran’s house for the Doli followed by a nice welcoming from Amrit’s parents at their house.