Nicola and Chris are definitely made for each other and they wanted to get married in a place that would represent their lively personalities whilst still having a Greek ceremony and Greek traditions during the day. The wedding took place at the beautiful St John the Baptist’s Church, which we thought looked spectacular and the reception was held at the very hip Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Gilgamesh, located in Camden Town’s Stable’s Market.

When we set out to edit the highlights we wanted to start with what we thought was one of the most obvious traits of the couple: Nicola is an even organizer and it is obvious that they both like music and going out. A clear example is their entrance song at the reception which is the full version by Calvin Harris of the one we used at the beginning of out highlights. However, we wanted to move away from that part and concentrate on the more meaningful bits of the wedding day. We thought there were some very touching moments during the day such as seeing Nicola’s brothers getting emotional as they see their younger sister for the first time in her beautiful dress or when her father delivers a speech right from the heart and has all the guests in tears.

I hope this highlight film gives you a taste of Nicola and Chris’ day and their beautiful beginning as a married couple. Best wishes for the future guys!