This is the promo for the new, revamped Premier Banqueting venue in Harrow. We were approached by them a few months ago as they wanted to showcase the venue in the best possible way and they were familiar with Zenith and our production level. The brief was simple: make the venue look good and showcase the different areas.

The acrobats in the video, Tumbellina, are something that we came up with while talking with the team at Premier Banqueting when brainstorming. It is something unusual at weddings but we have seen it before and we wanted to show how Premier Banqueting is a blank canvas for anything you want at your wedding.

For a shoot like this preparation is crucial. From storyboards to scheduling, everything needs to be planned beforehand or there is no way you would be able to shoot the amount of scenes in this video in two days. Not only did we have to light every room the way we wanted but things like the décor and dealing with non-professional actors, such as the chefs, is not something that you can rush on a production set. Of course, you can only plan so much and you need to have an open mind on the day for new ideas or for hiccups along the way – of which we had many as was to be expected with the amount of people involved. In the end we got all our shots in the can and the next part of the process, the editing, could begin!

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we have enjoyed working on it