Guv and Mukti had a wedding of epic proportions and we were privileged to be a part of their many events. We really got to know them on their gorgeous pre-wedding shoot in Iceland in the middle of winter no less. We battled sub-zero temperatures, snow and strong winds whilst getting those awesome drone shots of the frozen countryside and trying to find the abandoned plane you see on the video, which was a challenging task.

Somehow Mukti still managed to keep smiling and to look gorgeous throughout whilst Guv insisted that he didn’t need a coat as he would look better without one. We were lucky to count with Rahul Khona from F5 Photography for the wedding and the concept shoot in Iceland.

For their Civil wedding and reception we travelled to Cardiff where the couple tied the knot and danced the night away in celebration of their marriage. The guest had a great evening thanks to the entertainment provided by Musical Movements and Dj Rugrat.

The Hindu wedding took place at the beautiful Oshwal Centre where once again we got some great drone shots of the Barat with all the guests dancing as Guv made a grandiose entrance by horse. Mukti’s make up was done by Dil Matharu and she looked simply stunning.