Samy and Priyesh’ wedding is the reason why we love documenting destination weddings so much. Their celebrations went on for three days and started with their church wedding in Samy’s hometown Roccapiemonte. We had never been to an Italian wedding so little did we know that the whole town would congregate to welcome them at the beginning of the service and would remain outside the church so they could get a glimpse of the ceremony and then congratulate the couple with hugs and throwing rice at the end. This was a touching moment for the couple who was full of joy and emotion.

The rest of the celebrations took place at the Savoy Beach Hotel in Paestum. Both families enjoyed the Michelin star Italian cuisine which included 8 course meals for each night accompanied with music and dancing throughout.

One of the highlights of the week was the all-in-white mendhi party where both sets of families and friends had prepared performances for the couple followed by an awesome party thanks to their Dj from Divine Musiq.

We were honoured to capture this wedding which included so many intimate moments as well as seeing both sides of the families taking part in every celebration.

Another moment worth mentioning was Priyesh’ entrance on the vespa. It doesn’t get much better than that. When in Italy…

Thanks to both families who made the whole team feel at home throughout our stay and let us be part of such a special milestone in their life. We shared this adventure with our friend Rahul from f5 photography with whom we always have an amazing time. Click this link to see the photos for this beautiful destination wedding in Italy.