We are Zenith Cinematography

Thank you for visiting our site and watching our videos. We at Zenith have worked hard to create a brand that represents us and that is true to our vision. We are honoured to be considered to document your special day and we promise to be as enthusiastic towards it as you are.

Zenith was founded in 2010 and today is considered one of the top videography companies in the UK for its creativity and ability to capture any type of wedding, large or small. Zenith has been featured in dozens of blogs across the world and has won multiple awards over the years, most recently the coveted Best Videographer in London award by The Wedding Industry Awards in 2017 which we also won in 2016.

Zenith is renowned for its cinematic style and storytelling, often mixing concept films shoots in scenic locations with coverage of the wedding captured unobtrusively on the day to get a natural feel of the event. We travel worldwide for weddings and concept films and have visited places like the Seychelles, Dubai, India, Iceland and multiple countries in Europe.

Zenith’s studio is located in Surrey about an hour from London where we are happy to meet with clients and plan concept films to ensure you get the best experience money can buy.

No two people or companies are the same, so when choosing someone to document your day ensure to begin your research by asking what the company will do for you and how they will approach your wedding, as making a connection with your team will ensure you not only get a great film but that you enjoy each part of the process. If you have read this far, chances are that we are a good match for each other and we would love to hear from you.