Region: Seychelles

The Seychelles, a 155-island country, have long been a popular destination for romantic holidays and honeymoons for couples who like to relax on white sandy beaches. But why not actually have your wedding there before staying on to combine the two? With temperatures rarely dropping below 24 degrees, you will definitely get that holiday feeling no matter at what time of the year you decide to travel there. Your Seychelles wedding video is bound to look stunning, whether you decide to have your wedding ceremony indoors or on the beach. Your videographer will be more than happy to take you out and get gorgous footage to enhance your wedding film and the possibilities really are endless. You could go for a romantic stroll along the beach at any time of the day but why not try and get a sunset or sunrise as the background? If you have the time you could venture into one of the towns and capture some of the local life, such as the colourful fruit, vegetable and fish markets. Capturing some of Seychellian everyday life will make your wedding video twice as special and you will love watching it in the years to come.