Venue: North Island

North Island in the Seychelles is a small private island of only two square kilometres, situated 5 kilometres from Silhouette Island. It is synonymous with unequalled luxury and tranquility and the friendly staff are there at hand to make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.
The resort consists of only 11 exclusive villas, each constructed from sustainable materials, many of which originated on the island itself. In fact, the island underwent an extensive rehabilitation programme to, on the one hand remove unwanted plant and animal species, and on the other hand to reintroduce the Seychelles’ original flora and fauna.
North Island is the number one romantic location we have filmed at and there are so many possibilities for you and and your wedding videographer to get amazing footage for your wedding film. You could take a stroll along the beach at sunset or sunrise, wade through the the shallows or go for a little walk amongst the lovely palm trees just to name a few. There is room for so much creativity here and it’s worth allocating several shooting slots at various hours of the day to make the most of tropical paradise.

Venue Details
North Island
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