Venue: One Great George Street

If you choose to have One Great George Street as your wedding venue you absolutely have to plan some time in your day to go round with your wedding videographer to get shorts in the area. The possibilities are literally endless and you can, if this is what you like, get a wedding video full of the capital's most famous sights. You will probably have to make a list before-hand and then narrow it down to include just your favourite locations. Apart from the SW1 street sign which is a great shot to set the scene for the reception part of your wedding film you will also be able to pose with the red phone box just down the road and there are bound to be many red London buses going past that you can get onto camera. You will be able to pose in front of some of the world's most famous tourist attractions such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Horse Guards. If you are up for it, or if you prefer a more peaceful setting, you can go for a little stroll in St James' Park and get some great shots there by the lake. This really is a great locations and some prior planning with your wedding videographer is definitely worth the effort.

Venue Details

1 Great George Street



Telephone:020 7665 2323